Just and Fzf for Common Tasks


just is a command runner, great to simplify build commands on a project or shortcuts to regular commands.

It works with a file .justfile with a set of commands, like:

  LOGLEVEL=INFO AWS_PROFILE=dev CONFIG=configs/dev.json poetry run uvicorn app.main:app --reload --use-colors --port 6011 --host

Done, with just server it will run the command.


fzf is a well-known command-line fuzzy finder, on a default install offers a handy way to find commands on history and navigate through file-system.

It works on all popular shells.

Combining both

With fzf you can fuzzy find history for a previous command, but on a heavy terminal use sometimes isn’t easy to find a specific command, i usually running docker images to several tasks, for instance, run a nginx instance on a specific path with ssl, for this i have on $HOME/.justfile:

  docker run --rm -p 443:443 -v $HOME/Project/dist:/usr/share/nginx/html  -v $HOME/Project/letsencrypt/archive/domain/:/cert/ -v $HOME/Project/letscert/nginx:/etc/nginx nginx:latest

To have a shortcut on fish shell, i create a file $HOME/.config/fish/conf.d/picker.fish

function run_pick_just_command
  set result_line (just -f ~/.justfile | nl | fzf | awk '{ print $2 }')
  commandline --replace -- "just $result_line"
  commandline --function repaint

function fish_user_key_bindings
    for mode in default insert
        bind --mode $mode \co run_pick_just_command

Now, whenever i use CTRL+O, it will show me a list of commands on justfile where i can fuzzy find, on select it will fill a just command to use it.